Batting Cages

Baller’s Rec Room features three state of the art batting cages with HitTrax virtual technology.  HitTrax allows you to choose the Major League Stadium of your choice and other options such as a home run derby, a hitting contest or even a full game!

For the softball/baseball enthusiast HitTrax will also record all your stats to track improvements on baseball skills.  Our batting cages can be adjusted to any skill level with speeds ranging from 35 – 85 mph.  Our cages include one softball cage 55ft in length, one hardball cage 55ft in length and one hardball cage 65ft in length.  For the littlest sluggers, we also have T-Ball stands available.

Contact our Events Planner today to book your batting cage rental by submitting an online reservation request through the option below or by phone (306)779-2255.


  • 30 minutes $35
  • 60 minutes $60